A Little About Us.

Jacob and Sara founded Urban Dwellers in 2016 while living in Asia. It started when they connected with a group of people working with Tibetan hand crafters in Nepal. The crafters made jewelry and needed a way to sell it. Jacob and Sara wanted to help. That eventually led to coffee when they realized that same business model could help support farmers in other industries. Today, they continue to grow Urban Dwellers from the Pacific Northwest.

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Our Coffee

We source our coffee direct from the farmers who produce it. We believe that having a direct relationship with those who produce our coffee allows us to have the greatest impact possible. While we do utilize the services of some of the largest importers in North America in order to simplify logistics, you can be assured that we make it a point to know the farmers and farms we source from.

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Our Cups

We offer a selection of sustainable, reusable cups through our direct partnership with HuskeeCup and Kuppo.

What are HuskeeCups? Well, unlike other reusable coffee cups, HuskeeCups are made from an interesting blend of components. One of which is repurposed coffee bean husks (which come from the same farm we source our beans from.) So when you drink from one, you are literally drinking your coffee out of coffee beans! They’re dishwasher safe and break resistant too. If you like supporting sustainability and saving money, invest in a HuskeeCup.

What are Kuppo Cups? In 2017 two scientists; Anton and Febian were walking through an airport and saw so many trash cans over flowing with paper coffee cups. As they travelled onwards, they kept seeing more and more of these cups laying on the floor which got them thinking. “Most people don’t realize that paper cups take a very long time to decompose… If it’s paper, it should be gone a long time ago, right?” Right. But “paper cups” aren’t just paper. So, what’s wrong, and how do we fix it? Anton and Febian took this challenge head-on. The two friends came up with the idea to create a non-toxic, plastic-free, 100% recyclable and hygienic container. In order to be hygienic, it had to be made of a high-quality food grade silicone rubber with no open pores to harbor bacteria. It would be the first cup of its kind, convenient and eco-friendly at the same time. What they created was Kuppo, the first pocket and purse sized reusable cup that’s 100% plastic free, 100% recyclable, dishwasher and microwave safe.

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