Yunnan Sample


We’re excited to be able to help you bring our Yunnan Fuyan beans to your shop and would love to send you a sample of our green beans. Samples are free, we only ask that you pay the shipping for us.

Origin: China/ Yunnan Coffee Traders
Farm/Lot: Fu Yan
Farm Size: 130 acres
Processing: Natural
Drying: Raised Bed
Sizing: 16 & up
Variety: Catimor
Elevation: 1600 meters
Harvest Date: December – February
Annual Output: Approximately 950 pounds per acre

Score: 87 .00+
Fragrance/Aroma: Sweet with Fruity
Flavor: Strawberries and cream
Aftertaste: Pleasant aftertaste that does not linger too long
Acidity: Perfectly balanced
Mouthfeel: Creamy with a rich velvety aftertaste

Weight .56 lbs


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