Yunnan Fuyan


After a journey to the mountains of Yunnan, our staff has carefully selected our coffee beans from trusted farmers who understand the formula of perfect coffee. The catimor beans from the Fuyan Estate have a cocoa and mild nutty dry fragrance with peach/stonefruit, caramel, kiwi, tomatoes, med acidity, and med+ body characteristics.


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Farm Description 

Location — Yunnan, China
Farm — Fuyan Farm
Farm Size — 130 acres
Elevation – 1600 meters
Annual Output – About 950 pounds per acre
Cultivars – 100% Arabica (Catimor)

Processing method – The beans are hand picked using selective picking, and then washed in a semi-wet method. The farm is setup with its own wet mill that also has a mucilage remover. The beans are then sun-dried to an approx 14% moisture content.

Roast Recommendations 

This coffee is best enjoyed at City to City+. At this profile, the citrus notes of the beans shine as well as some of the dark chocolate notes.


15-19 Screen

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